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How to Serve Summons and Complaint on Norfolk Southern Railway Co in Ohio.

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When a lawsuit is filed against a corporation, like Norfolk Southern Railway Co in Ohio, one of the crucial steps is serving the summons and complaint. Serving these documents is an essential aspect of the legal process, as it informs the defendant of the lawsuit and gives them an opportunity to respond.

If you are in need of service of process on Norfolk Southern Railway Co in Ohio, you can do so through their registered agent, CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY (CSC Lawyers). CSC is a professional registered agent service that can accept legal documents on behalf of the company. Here’s how to serve Norfolk Southern Railway Co using their registered agent, CSC:

  1. Obtain the correct summons and complaint forms from the court where the case was filed. The forms will need to include the correct case number, party names, and any other relevant information. The Summons should list Norfolk Southern Railway CO c/o CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY, 3366 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, SUITE 103, UPPER ARLINGTON OH 43221.
  2. Fill out the forms correctly and completely, including all required information. You or your attorney may need to include a motion, order, and instructions to have RVB Services, LLC listed as your preferred process server. Check with the clerk of courts that you are filing your case with for information if you will need to file this.
  3. Include instructions to send the process server packet to RVB Services, LLC, 18 E. William Street, Suite 17, Delaware, Ohio 43015. Check with the clerks office to see if you will need to provide a pre-paid envelope.
  4. We suggest you send one copy of the summons and complaint to CSC by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the following address for redundancy: Norfolk Southern Railway CO c/o CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY, 3366 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, SUITE 103, UPPER ARLINGTON OH 43221.
  5. Retain a copy of all filings for your records.
  6. Once the documents are delivered, we will send you a copy of the return of service affidavit for your approval. Once approved, we will have it executed for to file with the court.

At RVB Services, we are experienced in serving court documents to registered agents like CSC. We understand that time is of the essence in most of these cases and are committed to serving your documents quickly and efficiently. We have a special rate for any filings coming out of Columbian County for East Palestine, Ohio, to help you save on costs.

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