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What Types of Legal Documents Can a Process Server Serve?

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As you prepare for a legal case, you may be wondering what types of documents a process server can serve. A process server is a person who delivers legal documents to notify someone of their involvement in a legal proceeding. Here is a list of the types of documents a process server can serve:

  • Subpoenas: These are legal documents that require a person to appear in court or produce documents for a trial.
  • Writs: These are court orders that require someone to do or stop doing something.
  • Orders: These are legal documents that require a person to appear in court and explain why a specific action should or should not be taken.
  • Petitions: These are requests for a court to take a specific action, such as granting a divorce or changing a child custody arrangement.
  • Ohio eviction notices: These are legal notices that landlords can use to begin the eviction process against a tenant who has violated the terms of their lease agreement.
  • Temporary restraining orders: These are court orders that provide immediate protection for a person who is being threatened or harmed by another person.
  • Child custody orders: These are legal documents that establish the custody and visitation rights of parents in relation to their children.
  • Divorce: These are legal documents that formally end a marriage and address issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody.
  • Dissolutions: These are legal documents that provide a less adversarial way to end a marriage compared to a traditional divorce.
  • Wage garnishments: These are court orders that require an employer to withhold a portion of an employee’s wages to pay off a debt.
  • Judgement debtor exam orders: These are legal documents that require a debtor to answer questions under oath about their assets and financial situation to determine how they can pay off a debt owed to a creditor.

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