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Expanding Services for Legal Professionals: Beyond Process Serving

As a dedicated civil process serving firm in Delaware, Ohio, we’re proud to offer an array of support services that extend beyond the traditional scope of process serving. It’s important to note that while we are not licensed attorneys or private investigators, we provide indispensable support services to these professionals, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their legal operations.

Occupancy Checks: Our team conducts thorough occupancy checks, a vital service for various legal proceedings, ensuring accurate and current information about property occupancy.

Document Delivery: We go beyond just serving legal documents. Our document delivery service ensures timely and secure transportation of sensitive legal documents to law firms, courts, and other necessary entities.

Inventory Audit: We assist in conducting detailed inventory audits, a crucial step in many legal processes, ensuring accurate accounting of assets.

Compliance Audit: Our compliance auditing service focuses on ensuring that legal documents are served and managed in strict adherence to state and federal regulations, providing peace of mind for our clients.

Field Photo Verification: We offer field photo verification services, capturing photographic evidence required in legal cases, aiding in the verification and validation of claims and situations.

Legal Research: Our team assists in conducting comprehensive legal research, providing valuable insights and information to support legal cases.

Document Retrieval: We specialize in retrieving documents from the clerk of courts, county recorder, and various government entities, streamlining the process for legal professionals.

While we are not private investigators or licensed attorneys, our range of services significantly supports these professionals in their work. Our commitment to accuracy, timeliness, and compliance ensures that our clients can rely on us for essential support in their legal endeavors. Whether it’s conducting an occupancy check, delivering crucial documents, or providing detailed legal research, we are here to assist in navigating the complexities of the legal world.

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